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"To touch, to move, to inspire. This is the true gift of dance." - Aubrey Lynch

 Established 1999
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Dance Dreams School of Dance is passionately committed to providing each dancer with the opportunity to learn an advanced dance curriculum in a dance pedagogy based program within a positive, structured, and inspiring environment. We offer a variety of classes in multiple disciplines for all levels and abilities from, ages 4 years old to adult, in both competitive and recreational divisions. 

Dance Dreams students receive exposure to versatile fine art forms. Our dance educators and choreographers all have a rare dual combination of professional dance training (along with completed dance examinations, dance credentials, and performance experience) as well as a formal university education. The Dance Dreams team shares their expertise in both classical and contemporary dance genres, dance improvisation, theatre acting (comedy and drama), music, and creative writing/storytelling. 

We are also committed to supplying a dance program that facilitates a health and wellness education for each dancer. The Dance Dreams team includes a Clinical Psychologist (C. Psych.) who provides workshops for the competitive division on dancer anxiety and self-esteem. Also on staff is a sports psychology Ph.D. Candidate and certified personal trainer who leads workshops for competitive dance students on strengthening, flexibility, and injury prevention while consulting with choreographers on healthy coaching strategies. Our collective approach focuses not on the pressures to win in competition, but to foster the mental and physical health of our students while cultivating their evolution as young artists. 

We strive to ensure that our studio works together with nothing but respect towards one another, among students, parents, and teachers. We have a no tolerance policy on bullying or negativity of any sort within the studio or theatre venues. We also use only age-appropriate costumes, music, and movement that are respectful to our dancers. Dance Dreams is a place of positivity, memory-building, and friendship, where we encourage and support one another throughout our many fun and enriching classes and performances. 

Dance Dreams School of Dance is not just a dance studio; we are a dance family. 

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