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"To touch, to move, to inspire. This is the true gift of dance." - Aubrey Lynch

 Established 1999
Dance Dreams School of Dance provides professional dance training in both recreational and pre-competitive (by audition process only) programs from child to adult classes, 
in the dance forms of:  
Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary/Modern, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre. 



"To touch, to move, to inspire. This is the true gift of dance." - Aubrey Lynch
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What is the Dance Dreams' Pre-Competitive Program?

    -    Our students receive the opportunities of performing throughout the season and training at higher levels of dance while only dancing between 2 to 5.25 hours per week
    -    Our dancers perform at 2 local competitions and a year-end recital (in professional theatres) as well as have the special opportunity of performing free of charge at the Dance Dreams Charity Gala for We Charity 2019, where all proceeds go to helping children around the world struggling with poverty, a lack of education, illness, etc.

What are the benefits that make the Dance Dreams Pre-Competitive program unique?

Artistic/Educational Benefits

    -    Dancers receive professional training from R.A.D. certified Faculty
    -    We use appropriate, classical dance movement - no sexually suggestive choreography
    -    We use appropriate music selections - no swear words, foul language, or lyrics that suggest unethical activity 
    -    We use appropriate, modest dance costumes that do not exploit dancers
    -    Our artistic choices are ethical and age-appropriate
    -    Our students enjoy small class sizes and receive more individual attention
    -    Each of our dances has a deeper lesson/message to educate our students about the world. We promote the intellectual side of dance that benefits students' learning in school. We have choreographed routines on the following world issues:
            -   homelessness and poverty
            -   world hunger
            -   child labour
            -   persecution, oppression, human rights
            -   bullying
            -   environmentalism 
    -    Our artistic vision includes teaching our students how to use dance to create awareness, inspire others and to give back to society. Our Dance Dreams Charity Gala for We Charity provides an opportunity for dancers to perform dances on themes of world issues, but with a practical component - raising funds for children worldwide who struggle with these issues.  

Psychological Benefits

    -    Our goal is not winning - no pressure to win. We strive to have fun and grow! 
    -    Confidence building from increased performance opportunities 
    -    Healthy teaching strategies - we teach with absolutely:
            -   no yelling, belittling, intimidating, negative language
            -   no exercise as punishment
            -   no abusive tactics often used in competitive dance/sport
    -    We do not promote comparison between dancers. We celebrate the unique strengths of each individual.
    -    We have a Child Psychologist who provides workshops on anxiety, self-esteem, etc.
    -    Behavioural benefits, we develop skills in: 
            -  organization, goal setting & planning, time management, work ethic
            -  problem solving
            -  healthy self-discipline
            -  proper, respectful dance etiquette 
            -  teamwork skills, empathy, compassion, and care for others
    -    Dance boosts memory
    -    Dance is proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression

Physical Benefits

    -    Increase in: cardio, muscular strength, endurance, conditioning, flexibility, coordination, balance, posture, spatial awareness, increase energy, and more
    -   we have a certified Personal Trainer and Kin. Ph.D. candidate train Pre-Comp dancers once per month in strength, conditioning, flexibility, injury prevention, etc.

Social Benefits

    -    Lifelong friendships, closer bonds
    -    No tolerance for bullying, gossip, or negativity of any kind
    -    A sense of community - we are a dance family
    -    Small class sizes, small company feel 

Financial Benefits 

    -    We do not insist dancers train 24/7 just to perform/compete
    -    We do not insist dancers train in all dance styles just to participate (as is the norm in the competition dance world)
    -    We have the lowest possible costume fees of any program out there (we even re-use costumes when possible). No $300 plus per costume. Our costumes never exceed $100.
    -    We keep all competitions local not to add extra fees for travel/accommodation 
    -    Discounts for being in 4 or more dances
    -    Discounts for siblings
    -    Our Dance Dreams Charity Gala for We Charity also reduces fees for Pre-Comp parents - Instead of traditionally entering a third competition, which would charge each dancer entrance fees per dance to compete, all of these fees are dropped for this event and the dancers will have a free performance opportunity. Rather, all optional ticket sales (far less than entrance fees) and sponsorship proceeds will go to We Charity and give back to society.


-Professional, safe harlequin dance flooring (same flooring as professional theatre stages)
- Heating and air conditioning 
-New surround-sound music system
-Private change room for dancers and homework area 
-First-aid kit on premises
-Professional theatre venues for competitions and annual recital

12967 Keele Street 
Unit #3 (Side Entrance)
King City, ON, 
L7B 1G2